Why Choose EasyBuild Extensions

Better insulated and more eco-friendly

Single storey build within 3-4 weeks

No skips on your drive way

Energy efficient

No planning permission required up to certain size

Engineered in a factory

No mess and disruption

No Builders in your property for weeks on end

Minimizing the carbon footprint

The following U-values of can now be achieved:

Floors – 0.18W/m 2k

Walls - 0.18W/m 2k

Uvalue. : a measure of the heat transmission through a building part (such as a wall or window) or a given thickness of a material (such as insulation) with lower numbers indicating better insulating properties.

About EasyBuild

Easybuild offers a new, easy and modern way to expand your house with affordable and personalised extensions that match your house. Our engineers ensure that your dream extra space is built off site and therefore there is no mess or disruption to you.


Easybuild is the easiest way to expand your horizons and give yourself the extra space without moving out of your beloved home.
Our pre-fabricated extensions are designed in a variety of shapes and sizes,engineered in a factory and delivered to your plot for final assembly.
Easybuild extensions are not only cheaper than traditional build but they are better insulated.


A product that is well insulated will use less energy, thereby saving the owner further energy costs and minimizing the carbon footprint that would otherwise be left behind.

Easy 5 step EasyBuild installation

EasyBuild extension in a nutshell

1. OUTER LAYER build from 3 PARTS

A. Brick Slip
B. High Density Insulation Board
C. Structural Ply Backing Panel


With pre-cut holes for easy access for wiring and plumbing –Nice and Easy connection


Galvanised steel frame to provide a super strong butlightweight construction.


22mm moisture resistant chipboard ­flooring system.


Screw mechanism to give maximum adjustable levels.


9mm structural ply, Europhane insulation.


Heavy duty steel frame.


Brick slip on cement partical board.

Brick Finish

Easybuild walls are faced with real brick tiles and mortar. We have a wide sellection of bricks tiles that will match any house.

Garden Eco Pods

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